This is the last notice for the OCTOBER 29, LIVE AUCTION

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The previous notice

There will be a live dealer auction in Foley, Alabama on Thursday October 29,

The doors will open at 9:00 am for Pallet & Lot Inspections. The auction will begin at 10:00 am. All of our live auctions will feature at least 100 pallets/ lots

There may possibly be a full truckload auctioned off, if the bidders are interested.  Bring your trucks and trailers, or we can ship it to you.

Our auctions are sponsored by American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. There are approx 1,000 pallets in stock at this facility, with many truckloads coming and going. AML is a National Liquidator with more than 18 shipping points nationwide. AML is the exclusive liquidator for one of the finest online sellers of tools and equipment. Anything returned through the mail is placed on a trailer. When it's full, we ship it to one of our customers. We will have sample pallets of this product in this upcoming auction.     
In addition, we have a 40,000 sq foot retail space. This allows us to bring in truckloads for study. Our sales representatives can see the products we sell nationally and offer first hand information to our customers in many states.  As a Bidder you will receive discounts for your individual item purchases through out the store.

We hope to see you on the 29th. If you need assistance over the phone, we have consultants standing by during office hours. 251.970.1100

The trial auctions of 2015 were a success for Palletbid Live. Going forward in 2016 there will be an auction on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The warehouse will open for pallet inspections at 9:00am. The auction begins promptly at 10:00am. 

There are now even more diverse product lines to auction at these sales. American Merchandise Liquidators holds exclusive contracts with suppliers and are required to maintain a consistent flow of goods away from the warehouses of the suppliers. Each auction will feature a mixture of the best selling categories.

Make your plans now to attend. 

FIRST AUCTION OF 2017    APRIL 19      UPCOMING        Oct 11,         November 8 


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What types of merchandise will be on the pallets at the auction ?

We specialize in mixed assortments of general merchandise in many categories. We sell distressed goods which could be

Customer returns, Closeouts, Overstocks, Shelf Pulls, Etc., from many of your favorite stores.  

Each Pallet and Lot will have different contents. They could include the folling categories. 

Thanks to all the buyers who attended our auctions in 2016. We will soon publish a list of our upcoming auctions for 2017. 

PalletBid Live Announces New Auction Dates For 2016

Final Live Auction For 2016 


Why Do Customer Returns Fly Off The Shelf?

     It seems that customer returns are flying off the shelf. Savvy shoppers can’t get enough. Why would someone buy items that were once returned? Where is the value?
     To qualify as a return, the item must first be sold.  If it was once sold, someone once had a desire for the item.
If there was once a desire, chances are the item will sell again,  if it’s in good condition. 
      To further make the item attractive to buyers it can be discounted. The average cost of customer returns to the reseller is approximately 20-25% of the original cost.
      At this rate there is room for a healthy profit while offering value to retail shoppers. Assorted mixed returns are attractive to resell investors and to discount minded shoppers. Returned items were once prized purchases of highly experienced buyers within large retail corporations. Their jobs were dependant upon making wise purchasing decisions.